Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Machine Learning

This highly selective program consists primarily of coursework, with a very limited research component, and typically takes three or four semesters to complete. Students in this program take the same set of core courses as students receiving a PhD in Machine Learning, and also complete a Data Analysis Project. Some students may require an additional semester to fill in gaps in their undergraduate training.

5th Yr. Masters in Machine Learning

The 5th Year Masters in Machine Learning allows Carnegie Mellon undergraduates to earn a MS degree in one additional year by taking some of the required ML courses as an undergraduate.

Secondary Masters in Machine Learning

This program is designed for (and only open to) current Carnegie Mellon PhD students who wish to obtain a Master of Science in Machine Learning concurrently with their PhD. The program is also open to Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff.

Double Counting Courses:

Any course counted toward another master-level or bachelor-level degree may not be counted toward our Secondary Master in Machine Learning. If a course is counted toward your PhD degree it may also be counted in our Secondary Master in Machine Learning, so long as such double-counting is permitted by your PhD department.  If you are in our 5th-year MS program, certain courses taken while you are an undergraduate may be counted toward the MS degree; these courses must be identified in your admissions application.