Carnegie Mellon University

Doctoral Review Committee (DRC)

This committee brings ideas/issues for discussion about the program/curriculum and presents proposals to the faculty.

Faculty Members: Tom Mitchell, Aaditya Ramdas
Student Members:  Bingbin Liu, Leqi Liu, Dhruv Malik, Tolani Olarinre, Ezra Winston, Helen Zhou
Staff Member: Diane Stidle


Retreat Committee

This committee helps to plan the annual PhD Student Retreat.

Student Members: Shaojie Bai, Arundhati Bannerjee, YJ Choe, Joon Sik Kim, Oscar Li
Staff Member: Diane Stidle


MLD PhD Peers

The members of this committee will meet with you individually to discuss anything you would like advice about, i.e. matching, advisor problems, imposter syndrome, etc.

Student Members: Jeremy Cohen, Kartik Gupta, Biswajit Paria, Charvi Rastogi, Jake Tyo

Social Committee

This committee plans student social events using GSA funds

Student Members: Ian Char, Chirag Gupta, Conor Igoe, Maria Jahja, Ojash Neopane, Ini Oguntola, Tom Yan


MLD Wellness Network

This committee holds consultation office hours and also special topic group discussions.

Faculty Members: Rayid Ghani, Matt Gormley, Hoda Heidari, Roy Maxion, Aaditya Ramdas, Aarti Singh, Ryan Tibshirani, Pat Virtue
Student Members: Leqi Liu, Stefani Karp,
Staff Members: Diane Stidle


Speaking Skills

The members of this committee evaluate the talks given to fulfill the PhD Speaking Skills requirement.

Faculty Members:  Aaditya Ramdas
Student Members: Sid Ancha, Abu Saparov, Nicholay Topin