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Carnegie Mellon University isn't just one of the world’s most renowned educational institutions — it’s also a hotspot for some of the most talented doers, dreamers, and difference-makers on the planet. When you join our staff, you’ll become an essential part of our mission to create a healthier, safer, and more just life for all. No matter what your role or location, you’ll connect and collaborate with dedicated, passionate colleagues — and you’ll have the satisfaction of delivering work that truly matters.

The Machine Learning Department is a unique place to work, with exceptional administrative and technical staff, helping lead machine learning research next to our faculty and students worldwide.

We currently have the following openings:

Developer in Residence, Delphi Group

We are looking for a talented senior software developer to take the reins in designing and developing R and Python software packages. These packages support model development and evaluation in predictive tasks in epidemiology such as COVID forecasting, flu forecasting, or hotspot detection for these two pathogens. This software is important both for Delphi’s own internal modeling work, and for a community of modelers that works with the CDC on COVID and flu forecasting.
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Executive Director, Delphi Group

We are looking for a talented executive director to work with the rest of the Delphi leadership team to actively drive the strategy and vision for Delphi, and oversee its implementation. We are looking for the “right” person for the job, and can be flexible with respect to schedule and geography.
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Research Programmer/Analyst, Delphi Group

We are looking for a talented engineer to prevent, identify, diagnose, and rectify problems or outages that occur in the data processing pipelines for our indicators. This person will ideally have competency in linux systems administration, basic database & script programming, data analysis, and software engineering in a team setting.
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