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Professor Christos Faloutsos to give Acceptance Speech in Melbourne, Australia

May 15, 2018

Professor Christos Faloutsos wins PAKDD Distinguished Contributions Award

Byron Spice
  • Director of Media Relations
  • 412-268-9068

The Steering Committee at PAKDD (Pacific Asia Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) considers it an honor to award the PAKDD Distinguished Contributions Award for 2018 to Professor Christos Faloutsos, for his many seminal contributions to the field of data mining, including time series matching, network analysis, graph computation, and their scalability.

It is especially notable his highly successful program in showing how strong mathematical results can be used to design highly original and novel data mining algorithms. Professor Faloutsos has also provided tremendous service to raising the visibility of PAKDD conference through publishing multiple high impact papers over the years.

PAKDD Award Ceremony is scheduled to be held on June 5th 2018 on Melbourne, Australia, where Professor Faloutsos will deliver his acceptance speech.

Christos Faloutsos is a Distinguished Professor affiliated with the Machine Learning Department at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Originally from Athens, Greece, he and his team work on pattern discovery and anomaly recognition in big data. Professor Faloutsos is currently on a sabbatical from his position at Carnegie Mellon University and works with Amazon on new ways to apply his research.