Carnegie Mellon University

ML Department Key Contacts

Department Head
Department Head Roni Rosenfeld
Assistant to the Department Head Christy Melucci
Associate Department Head for Faculty and Climate Geoff Gordon
Associate Department Head for Research Eric Xing
Academic Programs
PhD Program Director Tom Mitchell
PhD Program Manager Diane Stidle
MSML Program Director Nihar Shah
MS Programs Manager Dorothy Holland-Minkley
ML Undergraduate Director Matt Gormley
ML Undergraduate Program Administrator Laura Winter
Admissions & Student Inquiries
PhD Admissions Committee Chair Russ Salakhutdinov
PhD Admissions Coordinator Diane Stidle
PhD Open House Diane Stidle, Laura Winter
PhD Orientation Diane Stidle
PhD Prospective Student Inquiries Tom Mitchell, Diane Stidle
MS Admissions Committee Chair Nina Balcan
MS Admissions Coordinator Laura Winter
MS Orientation Dorothy Holland-Minkley
MS Prospective Student Inquiries Laura Winter
Courses & Teaching
Faculty Course Assignments Roni Rosenfeld
PhD Courses & Waitlists (700 level and above) Diane Stidle
MS Courses & Waitlists (600 level and below) Dorothy Holland-Minkley
Course Administrative Support Course Technical Manager, Education Associate or Instructor's Administrative Assistant
Recitation Rooms Course Technical Manager, Education Associate or Instructor's Administrative Assistant
TA Assignments Henry Chai, Matt Gormley
Department Administration
Distribution Lists (MS Students) Dorothy Holland-Minkley
Distribution Lists (PhD Students) Diane Stidle
Distribution Lists (Faculty & Staff) Sharon Cavlovich, Christy Melucci
Faculty Administrative Assistants See this list for current assignments
Faculty Meetings Sharon Cavlovich
Mail & Packages Mary Stech
Office Supplies Amy Protos
Faculty Outreach, Recruiting and Screening (FORS)
2024 FORS Committee Chair Barnabas Poczos
2024 FORS Committee Members Tianqi Chen, Hoda Heidari, Tom Mitchell, Andrej Risteski, Ameet Talwalkar, Leila Wehbe, Bryan Wilder
2024 FORS Committee (Teaching Track) Chair Matt Gormley
2024 FORS Committee (Teaching Track) Members Henry Chai, Pat Virtue
Administrative Coordinator Sharon Cavlovich
Faculty Offer Letters Walt Schearer (SCS Dean's Office)
Faculty Reappointment and Promotion
Reappointments, Promotions & Tenure Process Roni Rosenfeld
Administrative Coordinator Sharon Cavlovich
Faculty Hiring Please see FORS information above
Staff Hiring DeAnna Robinson (Office of Human Resources)
Student Hiring Mary Stech
Visitors Mary Stech
Human Resources Team
HR Business Partner Keith Kapusta (Office of Human Resources)
HR Generalist Sarah Ridenour (Office of Human Resources):
HR Recruiter DeAnna Robinson (Office of Human Resources)
Other Human Resources Inquiries Please see this list of HR contacts by topic
Family & Medical Leave (FMLA) Office of Human Resources (more info here)
Faculty: Parental Leave Vice Provost for Faculty (more info here)
Faculty: Professional Leave Vice Provost for Faculty (more info here)
Staff: Parental Leave Office of Human Resources (more info here)
Student Leave of Absence The HUB (more info here)
Marketing, News & Social Media
Communications Manger TBD
Research Administration & Finances
Pre-Award Nancy McCarthy
Post-Award Russ O'Lare
PhD Fellowships Mary Stech
Purchase Orders
Travel & Expense Reimbursements Faculty's Administrative Assistant
Business Manager & DDFR Approvals Russ O'Lare
ALG Approvals Walt Schearer (SCS Dean's Office)
Space and Facilities
Building Access & Office Keys SCS Building Facilities Department:
Building & Maintenance Issues SCS Building Facilities Department:
Conference Room Reservations Faculty's Administrative Assistant
Office Allocations: PhD Students Diane Stidle
Office Allocations: Faculty & Staff Roni Rosenfeld, Russ O'Lare
Faculty, Staff, Visitors Mary Stech
International Students Diane Stidle
ML@CMU Blog Ameet Talwalkar
MLD Website Administrator TBD