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June 01, 2021

Congratulations to MLD's Graduates for 2021

By Roberto Iriondo

Aaron Aupperlee
  • Senior Director of Media Relations
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Machine learning (ML) is one of the most exciting research areas being conducted, and its popularity has grown as different fields come to understand the incredible impact ML can provide. Our graduate programs offer a phenomenal opportunity for students who want to dive into machine learning and understand how it intersects with their specific research interests.  

Our graduates have completed a robust curriculum designed to make them experts in machine learning, and most have engaged in ground-breaking research during their time here. Anyone interested in following in their footsteps by pursuing a machine learning degree with us should be sure to check out our academics section for further information.

Without further ado, the Machine Learning Department is proud to announce its 2021 graduates below. These students are ready to make significant impacts in AI, data science, software engineering, and machine learning research after graduation!   

Graduating in May 2021 are:

Ph.D. program:

Devendra Chaplot, advisor Ruslan Slakhutdinov
Jay Hennig, advisors Steve Chase and Byron Yu
Kwhangho Kim, advisors Edward Kennedy and Larry Wasserman
Collin Politsch, advisor Larry Wasserman
Ritesh Noothigattu, advisor Ariel Procaccia
Hsiao-Yu Tung, advisor Katerina Fragkiadaki
Qizhe Xie, advisor Eduard Hovy
Yichong Xu, advisors Artur Dubrawski and Aarti Singh
Han Zhao, advisor Geoff Gordon
Xun Zheng, advisors Eric Xing and Pradeep Ravikumar

Master's program:

Amir Alavi
Mary Bollinger
Bingqing Chen 
Xiangting Chen 
Arnav Choudhry
Eu Jing Chua 
Chenlei Fang 
Gregory Howe 
Qicheng Huang 
Wenyu Huang 
Alec Jasen 
Pavel Khokhlov 
Bo Lei 
Eric Li 
He Liu  
Shengming Luo
Nicholas Roberts 
Ramon Villa-Cox
Zachary Wojtowicz 
Peter Wu 
Yuning Wu 
Weiran Yao 
Hongyu Zheng

We are incredibly proud of our new alumni and wish them the best in their future careers.

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