Machine Learning Academics

The Machine Learning Department is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of faculty and students across several academic departments. Machine learning is dedicated to furthering the scientific understanding of automated learning, and to producing the next generation of tools for data analysis and decision making based on that understanding.

Today's demand for expertise in machine learning far exceeds the supply, and this imbalance will become more severe over the coming decade.

Students can pursue one of four PhD programs, a Master's program, and an undergraduate Minor and Major. Students can also take classes in the Machine Learning Department without being part of one of its academic programs.

PhD in Machine Learning

The Ph.D. Program in Machine Learning is for students who are interested in research in Machine Learning and Computational Statistics. The program is operated jointly by faculty in the School of Computer Science and Department of Statistics.

We also offer Joint PhD Programs in Statistics & Machine Learning, Machine Learning & Public Policy, Neural Computation & Machine Learning

MS Curriculum and Program Requirements

The MS in Machine Learning is ideal for students considering a career in industry or as preparation for a PhD. Regardless of the application used, the curriculum and program requirements are the same.

Primary Application Information

The primary application is for everyone who isn't currently earning a degree from or working at CMU. 99% of applicants use the primary application.

Fifth-Year MS Application Information

Current CMU undergraduates may be eligible to apply early and earn the MS in their fifth year.

Secondary MS Application Information

Students currently earning a PhD in another department at CMU and CMU staff and faculty are welcomed to apply using the Secondary MS application.

Machine Learning Minor

Machine learning and statistical methods are increasingly used in many application areas including natural language processing, speech, vision, robotics, and computational biology. The Minor in Machine Learning allows undergraduates to learn about the core principles of machine learning.

Statistics & Machine Learning Major

This joint major, managed by the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, develops the critical ideas and skills underlying statistical machine learning — the creation and study of algorithms that enable systems to automatically learn and improve with experience. It is ideal for students interested in statistical computation, data science, or "Big Data" problems, including those planning to pursue a related PhD or a job in the tech industry.

Bachelor's of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon has led the world in artificial intelligence education and innovation since the field was created. It's only natural, then, that the School of Computer Science would offer the nation's first bachelor's degree in artificial intelligence, which we introduced in fall 2018. A B.S. in AI from Carnegie Mellon University, unites disciplines from machine learning to natural language processing, instruction in the BSAI program includes faculty members from the school's Computer Science DepartmentHuman-Computer Interaction InstituteInstitute for Software Research Language Technologies InstituteMachine Learning Department and Robotics Institute.

Courses in Machine Learning

These courses are being offered by the Machine Learning Department this semester.

Teaching Assistantships

Apply to be a Teaching Assistant or Course Assistant in the Machine Learning Department. Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to apply.