The Machine Learning Department (MLD) at Carnegie Mellon launched the world's first PhD program in Machine Learning in 2002, and this program continues to grow each year. We have students from 16 different countries with diverse backgrounds who have joined the program with either a bachelors degree or a masters. Some of our students have experience in industry and have made the decision to go back to school. A sampling of the backgrounds of our current students includes Computer Science, Math Sciences, Engineering, Automation, Business Economics, Computational Biology, Finance, and Neuroscience.

In 2015 we added a 5th year MS program and also a Statistics & Machine Learning undergraduate major.

In August 2014 we opened our Masters degree in Machine Learning as a terminal degree. We also offer a secondary Masters degree in Machine Learning, available only to current Carnegie Mellon PhD students and CMU staff at the Pittsburgh campus.

In January 2012 we launched an undergraduate minor in Machine Learning, available to Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students.

Our faculty are world renowned in the field of Machine Learning and include (6) AAAI Fellows, (4) ACM Fellows (4) IEEE Fellows, and are recognized for their constant contributions to the fields of Machine Learning, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics and Computer Science. Our students have been the recipients of numerous awards as well and our graduates go on to contribute in numerous fields, teach at top-notch universities or gain employment at places like Google and Yahoo Research.  

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