Carnegie Mellon University

PhD Peers

Photo of Jeremy Cohen Jeremy Cohen

Office: GHC 8015
Email: jeremycohen at

I’m a 4th PhD student working on “neural network plumbing” — how to initialize and normalize neural networks so that they train fast and generalize well. I am happy to chat about anything. 

Photo of Kartik Gupta Kartik Gupta

Office: GHC 8003 (or remote) 
Email: kartikg1 at
Area - Machine Learning

Hi, I am a fifth year PhD student. I did my undergrad in CS from IIT Madras. I joined CMU in the Computer Science Department but soon decided to move to the Machine Learning Department. I dabbled in more than one area before settling on my thesis topic. I am happy to talk about whatever’s on your mind. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

paria_biswajit_2021-min.jpg Biswajit Paria

Office: GHC 8003
Email: bparia at

I am a 5th year PhD student working primarily on sequential decision making, and secondarily on time series forecasting. Every PhD is unique and isn’t always a bed of roses. From switching advisors, to losing a family member back home, made me realize the importance of mental health. I am happy to chat about any of your work or non-work related woes (or joys)

Outside of work, I like to climb (fake) rocks, do photography, and travel when I have the time and money. If I could pick another hobby, I would be a painter.

Photo of Charvi RastogiCharvi Rastogi

Office: GHC 8227
Email: crastogi at
Area: ML + HCI

I’m a 4th year PhD student working at the intersection of Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction. I’m happy to chat about: pretty much anything, being co-advised, switching advisors, switching directions, paper rejections, fellowship/internship applications, struggling to keep a work-life balance (especially post-wfh), adjusting expectations about research, giving constructive feedback to advisors, seeking mental health resources, and anything I’ve learned from my pitstops so far. I moonlight as an indoor gardener, with some biking, reading and TV watching skills.

Photo of Jacob Tyo Jacob Tyo

Office: GHC 8007 (or remote)
Email: jtyo at

I'm a 4th year PhD student focusing broadly on meta learning, but I pretend to be a pro motorcycle racer in my free time. PhDs are friggin hard. Lmk if you want to talk about it.