This checklist is to help you in the steps to complete your thesis defense and final documents for graduation with your PhD degree.
  • Thesis orals should be scheduled only during academic periods -- not during holidays, weekends, etc., and should be scheduled in normal business hours. Exceptions must be approved by the Co-Directors.

  • The student should coordinate the date with the committee members and finalize the date at least one month in advance to allow time for travel arrangements, final review and comments by the committee. Be sure to check with Diane Stidle before finalizing the date, to make sure there are no other orals scheduled at the chosen time. Thesis orals or proposals will not be scheduled to overlap. Once you have settled on a date/time Diane will help you to reserve a room.

  • The room scheduled must be available to the public and must accommodate a reasonably large number of people (~30). GHC 4405, GHC 6115, GHC 6501, GHC 8102, NSH 3005 and NSH 1305 are all acceptable rooms. Other smaller rooms are strongly discouraged.

  • If it is necessary to arrange for a speaker phone or other AV Equipment you must do so well in advance (at least one week).
    Contact Diane Stidle to set up arrangements for equipment.
Thesis orals will be announced to the public only after the thesis committee has given approval to defend.

Send to Graduate Program Administrator:

  • Information Needed for Posting Notice
    • Date
    • Time
    • Place
    • Title
    • Current list of the thesis committee members, including external member/affiliation.
  • Thesis Abstract - Less than 350 words describing the thesis. Send link to the draft document

PhD Candidate should bring copies of slides to hand out to the committee members attending the talk so they can take notes.

Graduate Program Administrator will provide to the committee:
Graduation Record Yellow Card
to be signed by all members of the thesis committee indicating successful defense of the thesis.

  • Check for research credits that should be listed on your final thesis with Russ O'Lare (rdo@cs)
  • Request a Technical Report number from Graduate Program Administrator
    • Your thesis will be made into a ML Technical Report and posted on-line with the other Machine Learning Technical Reports.
  • Check for proper title page format
  • Graduate Programs Administrator will bind one copy of the final document for you. If you wish to have additional copies bound, please let your Administrator know how many. 
  • Please fill out the Survey of Earned Doctorates

Each Ph.D. candidate is required to submit an electronic copy in PDF format of his or her dissertation to the University Libraries. Dissertation authors should visit Depositing/Publishing Your Dissertation to understand the publishing options.

Please see the Instructions for Electronic Submission of Dissertations

Please fill out the Dissertation Checklist for Electronic Submission and give to your PhD Administrator.