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Artificial Intelligence: Salaries Heading Skyward | Machine Learning

August 31, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: Salaries Heading Skyward

By Stacy Stanford

Byron Spice
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Artificial intelligence salaries benefit from the perfect recipe for a sweet paycheck: a hot field and high demand for scarce talent. It’s the ever-reliable law of supply and demand, and right now, anything artificial intelligence-related is in very high demand.

According to, the average IT salary — the keyword is “artificial intelligence engineer” — in the San Francisco area ranges from approximately $134,135 per year for “software engineer” to $169,930 per year for “machine learning engineer.”

However, it can go much higher if you have the credentials firms need. One tenured professor was offered triple his $180,000 salary to join Google, which he declined for a different teaching position.

However, the record, so far, was set in April when the Japanese firm Start Today, which operates the fashion-shopping site Zozotown, posted new job offerings for seven “genius” AI tech experts, offering annual salaries of as much as 100 million yen, or just under $1 million.

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